Standard Birth Doula Package

Free Consultation 

I offer a free 30 minute consultation.  This is an opportunity to answer your questions and to help you explore what a doula can do for you.

Phone & Email Support 

Upon hiring me as your doula, I am most certainly available via phone, text and/or email to address any questions or concerns that may arise throughout your pregnancy. I will be on-call 24 hours a day for your birth, beginning your 38th week, and until the birth of your baby.

2 Prenatal Visits 

As your doula, I will meet with you and your partner two timese before labor.  This time together allows us to become familiar with each other, and to plan how we might best work together. During appointments, we will explore and discuss any fears or concerns that you or your partner may have, discuss your priorities, and create your birth and postpartum plans. I will also ask about your individual coping mechanisms, and how you and your partner foresee working together. This will allow us to discuss your wishes for what my role in your birth will entail.

During labor 

During labor I can provide perspective and reassurance to you and your partner, make suggestions for labor progress, and help with positioning, relaxation, soothing and other techniques for your comfort.  I will offer continuous emotional and physical support throughout your entire labor.

As a Doula, I Do Not:

Perform any clinical tasks

As your doula, I DO NOT perform any clinical tasks on my clients. I am not a medical professional and therefore cannot and will not provide you with medical care.

Make decisions for you 

I will NOT make any decisions for you, however, I WILL assist you in acquiring the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Speak to the staff on your behalf

I will NOT speak on you behalf, but I WILL discuss your concerns with you, and suggest options. It is the responsibility of you and your partner to speak directly to the staff.

Baby’s first feeding Support 

After birth, I will remain with you for up to two hours to ensure that you are comfortable.  I can help with breastfeeding, if necessary, and I will be available to answer questions about your birth, or your baby. 

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

This is your body, your baby and your birth. As your doula, I will support your decisions, and I will also support you in the way you choose to birth your baby. 

Postpartum follow-up 

I will visit with you at your home within a few weeks after your birth to see how you, your baby, and your family are doing.  At this time, I will review your birth with you, discuss any concerns or questions that you may have, receive feedback from you about my role, and discuss any additional postpartum doula services that may be needed or desired. I can provide addtional visits or on-call support for Breastfeeding mothers if needed, as well.

Take the place of

Your primary support person unless that is the wish of you and your support person.

Community Referrals

As your doula, I can help with educational and community resources, information before and after birth visits, and I can provide any community referrals that you may need for additional support services that may be outside of my scope of practice.